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Mistakes: a coming-of-age experience

There are very few things throughout life that we don’t grow out of. As we progress, virtually everything, such as tricycles, shoes and even living at home, become things of the past.

However, one thing we will never grow out of is mistakes. From the day we’re born until the day we die, we will make mistakes. It is a part of human nature.

Mistakes should however, not be viewed in a negative light. Without them, we would never learn.

True “coming-of-age” experiences arise from these very mistakes that all people make.

Prior to these life changing events, youth alike are akin to several characteristics, such as innocence, a false view of the world, a sense of idealism, and ignorance.

It is perfectly natural to feel this way. When a young person has never experienced any source of pain or failure, why shouldn’t they believe they are invincible?

However, in a brief, flickering, turbulent moment, all of that can be taken away.

For example, picture a teen speeding quickly in a car, feeling that nothing can stop him. However, as soon as a turn is taken too fast, an entire life could be taken away.

One can only hope that they will undergo their Coming-of-Age experience before un misfortune befalls them.

That being said, it is still crucial to make the very mistakes that will shape the person one will become.

Children that are guided through life by their parents, being so precisely held in check, and watched at all moments, will never prosper.

Once that aforementioned child experiences the brutal wrath of failure, he will be at a loss. That sense of failure, the mistake, will be used as a negative experience, and the older teen will dwell on it for an unreasonable length of time.

If, however, that same child had been exposed to mistakes and failure throughout their entire life, the feeling would have been nothing new. In fact, it would have been something that positives could have been taken from, making them a better person in the end.

Mistakes do not discriminate, they attack all of us belligerently and without mercy. The only difference is how we as people learn to handle them.

One can neglect mistakes and failure alike, never coming-of-age, and never learning from them, or they can embrace failure, drawing positives away from it, and learning the valuable lessons they need to surmount the trials and tribulations of life.



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