Seniors start year with prank on juniors


On Wednesday, August 25, chaos filled the student parking lot as juniors struggled to find their assigned parking spaces. The numbers that help to identify each spot had been completely covered by chalk, leaving every parking spot indistinguishable.

“The prank definitely made the first day more exciting,” said Michael Laverty, junior. “It had alot of people confused, including myself.”

The class of 2011 was immediately identified as the culprit. Every spot in the junior lot was covered by a shield of chalk, and “Class of 11” was scrawled across the pavement.

“What’s a better way to start our senior year that watch the juniors struggle to find their spots?” joked one senior who helped to chalk the lot. “It was really fun to do also. We thought it’d take forever to get every spot, but once we got there it only took about thirty minutes.”

“They were very careful not to miss any spots,” said George Hill, who monitors the parking lot. “When they ran out of chalk to cover spots, they used duct tape to cover the rest. Once I pulled up all the tape i had a ball this big!” George told me as he spread his arms wide.

Seniors looked on and laughed as the juniors circled the lot, attempting to keep their composure as they struggled to park appropriately. “It was a pretty innocent prank,” said George. “I think it was kind of funny, actually.”

Because of the concealed numbers, the security guards did not bother to give out tickets to misplaced cars. “Many students were parked in the wrong spots, but they had a good excuse,” George said.

“It’s a good thing they only used chalk and not paint,” said George. “If they had used paint instead of chalk, then it would be a serious issue, and we would have to get Wake County involved. The rain washed away the chalk before lunch was even over.”

The senior class started the year with a bang; one can only wonder what other pranks will take place this school year.


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