• October 25, 2020

Celebrating Halloween During a Pandemic

Pumpkin carving is a classic Halloween activity you can do with friends and family. It is also considered a “lower risk activity” by the CDC when done socially distanced or

NC Can’t Catch a Break When it Comes to Cheating

Former North Carolina senator John Edwards’ political career ended when it came out that he had an extramarital affair, is Cal Cunningham next? (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) Turn on

A Justice for Justice?

Amy Coney Barrett, 48, has been under heavy controversy since her appointment to the Supreme Court. Her views and interpretations of the law will be put to the test once

Juniors Prep for Puff

The powder puff season began just as it had in previous years: energetic, enthusiastic, and slightly murderous. The vast majority of the junior class’s females attended the information meeting October 1. Girls of all groups, cliques and backgrounds united to achieve one major goal: destroy the Class of X.

The coaches for the class of 2011, Bradley Millice, Alex Lawrence, Kyle Holtman, and Eric Michaud, are just as stoked as the girls.