• March 7, 2021

Quick Bites: The Internet’s Latest News

Contributors: Ellie Bruno and Cassidy Farrell “Scary Hours” Drops SCARY HOURS https://t.co/kDM7vuuq5e pic.twitter.com/8Z43SdI5w7 — Drizzy (@Drake) March 5, 2021 Early this morning, Drake dropped his newest ep titled “Scary Stories”.

Why do we, like, pause when we, uh, speak?

You know, lots of people say you shouldn’t, like, hesitate when you speak. But, people have been using, um, filler words since the dawn of, like, language. (Photo in the

What To Expect When Visiting The Raleigh Farmers Market

By: Gretchen Stern   At the Raleigh Farmers Market there is a wide variety of items you can buy. Pictured are just some of the produce and flower stands, with